Susy Lanteigne-Lyons

Susy Lanteigne-Lyons


Susy has completed the four-year Bachelor of Professional Arts Human Services Major degree with a concentration in Educational Psychology. She has more than seven years of experience as an Interventionist and educator within the New Brunswick public school system where she provided direct support to students and parents through various strategies and activities.  In addition, Susy has completed the Nursing program through CEGEP John Abbott College in Montreal where she had the opportunity to attain Registered Nurse (RN) training in all areas of nursing through eight different hospitals. Upon completing her Nursing course she practiced several years as a RN in Medical, Surgical, Obstetric, and Psychology. Susy has also successfully completed the Autism Intervention Training Program (ABA) with the University of New Brunswick while working as a Behavior Interventionist with the Autism Behaviour Intervention Center Inc.

“As a Human Services Practitioner I work with children and families in a range of context. For instance, as a Child and Youth Care Practitioner (CYCP) I work in collaboration with school teams to help implement proactive supports for children and youth who have difficulty coping in an education settings due to social, emotional and/or behaviour abilities; I provide services and supports to students with the goal of improving their self-defined or identified success; when relevant, I work within the Inclusive Education Policy frame work utilizing evidenced based practices for the delivery of specialized services to students; I assist students and families with life alterations, such as transitioning through various educational settings and community living. In collaborating with a team of educational professionals, counsellors and community agencies, I assist students and families in attaining interventions and coping strategies tailored to their unique needs to assist them in managing life transitions, navigating higher educational opportunities, exploring career aspirations, assessing independent living options, and participating as a community member. Currently I am working towards my Master of Counselling Psychology (MACP), which will enable me to provide clients with added services in real time.

Associations/Regulatory Bodies:

National Organization for Human Services (NOHS)

Human Services Professionals Association (HSPA)

Helpful Links:

New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Policy 322

New Brunswick Association for Community Living (NBACL)